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Dendritic Cobalt

What makes a Dendritic Cobalt blade exceptional?

As dendritic cobalt does not contain any ferrous elements, it will never rust or corrode, and when combined with carbide, holds a very sharp edge for a very long time. Those properties allow for a great edged tool for just about every and any outdoor adventure, whether scuba diving, fishing, hunting, camping, backpacking, climbing, river running, portaging or whatever adventure comes your way.


What is Dendritic Cobalt?

Dendritic cobalt is a non-ferrous, non-magnetic alloy. It's a dense network of inter-connected carbide crystals. The carbide crystal structure is surrounded by the softer cobalt matrix which creates a micro-serration between the two.

When used as a blade it sets up an edge that is very wear resistant and extremely sharp. Every time the blade is sharpened a new set of micro-serrations are exposed, producing another very sharp edge.