Dendritic Cobalt

What makes a Dendritic Cobalt blade exceptional?

Dendritic cobalt is a non-magnetic cobalt alloy. It will never rust, corrode, pit or stain, and holds a sharp edge for a very long time. These properties allow for a great edged tool for just about every and any outdoor adventure, whether scuba diving, fishing, hunting, camping, backpacking, climbing, river running, portaging or whatever adventure comes your way.


What is Dendritic Cobalt?

Dendritic cobalt is a non-ferrous, non-magnetic alloy. It's a dense network of inter-connected carbide crystals in a cobalt matrix. The carbide crystal structure is surrounded by the softer cobalt matrix which holds the carbide in place and creates a micro-serrated edge. Essentially, a microscopic, highly aggressive saw blade.

When used as a blade it sets up an edge that is exceptionally wear resistant and extremely sharp. Every time the blade is sharpened a new micro-serrated edge is exposed, producing another extremely sharp edge.



Terravantium™ is our proprietary name of our dendritic cobalt products. Several types of dendritic cobalt exist on the market under various trade names, but overall remains rare in the modern cutlery industry. It is a costly material and requires a different set of processes to produce and finish. One of the distinct properties of Terravantium™ is that we do not roll out our investment cast bar stock or blades which separates the carbide crystals. The microscopic carbide crystals retain their original structure resulting in longer lasting and superior cutting performance.