What We Do

Terrain 365™ designs and crafts high performance, technical edged tools and accessories for rigorous wilderness use and EDC. Using aerospace grade alloys to advanced super-alloys, our objective is to create high performance adventure tools for all terrains. Our blades made with our proprietary Terravantium™ alloy are 100% rustproof, nonferrous, nonmagnetic and possess lasting edge holding characteristics. From mountain top to sea floor and anything in-between, Terrain 365™ tools will cut longer, require little to no maintenance, except for the occasional edge touch up, allow the user to focus on the task at hand and the greater task, mission, or adventure that is before you.


Who We Are

Terrain 365™ was founded in 2018 by Michael Vagnino and Patrick Ma. 

Michael Vagnino began his knife making career in 1995. Since then he has studied, practiced, honed and pursued his chosen craft. Immersing himself in the skills required to create superbly crafted, handmade knives, he achieved the rank of Master Bladesmith with the American Bladesmith Society. Never resting in his knowledge base and skill sets, Michael also expanded his experience and interest in folding knives. His breadth of making folders covers liner locks to slip joints, lock backs and even automatics. Like every knife maker, the study and manipulation of a wide variety of metal alloys are practiced routinely. In the course of his research on blade alloys, Michael became intrigued with Dendritic Steels and Dendritic Cobalt. The performance characteristics were quite impressive and could not be ignored. Learning about the unique industrial casting process required to make bar stock and blades out of Dendritic Cobalt was the key to embarking on the next generation of edged tools, and the birth of Terrain 365™. 

Patrick Ma was raised in the mountains of PA to the Adirondacks of Upstate NY, and later finding his way to CA. He has been an avid outdoorsman his entire life and involved professionally in the outdoor industry since 1997. He is best known for his many innovative product designs which span several categories and disciplines. Patrick first entered the industry with offering very select, curated custom, and best-in-class production knives under the first company he founded. Within a few months of founding his first brand he began offering his own line of locally USA-made rugged, and versatile nylon pouches and organizers. From there Patrick's pursuits in product design and production grew not only in edged tools, but with some of the very first product designs in EDC, to packs-bags and technical apparel, many of which became the equipment of choice with some of the most demanding users worldwide. His designs have been used on every continent on the planet and in just about every terrain. His earlier experience in metal fabrication with a concentration in investment casting and foundry work, has in many ways, come full circle in co-founding Terrain 365™ with his long time friend and colleague, Michael Vagnino.